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Benefits to Businesses

The coming years are sure to be filled with more economic development and planning than Alliance has ever seen. The gears have been turning for both the Alliance Area Development (AAD) and for the Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce. Some of the benefits for businesses who are thinking about locating themselves in Alliance include:

  • A Positive Attitude and Cooperative Environment
  • Incentive Programs In Place
  • Lower Per Capita Costs
  • Workforce Training Programs (Joint Vocational and Technical College Level)
  • Access to Metropolitan Areas and Commuter/Commercial Rail Lines\


What Is the Alliance Employment Promise?

In an effort to attract and retain workers who are employed in Alliance by  businesses based in Alliance, an incentive program is being implemented by qualified businesses which belong to Alliance Area Development (AAD) and are choosing to offer the benefits of the Alliance Employment Promise.

In conjunction with AAD, Coastal Pet Products, MAC Trailer, Robertson Heating Supply and Morgan Engineering have helped develop The Alliance Employment Promise and are serving as the pilot companies through the first quarter of 2020. After the pilot period, any Alliance-based employee who works for a company that offers the Alliance Employment Promise may be eligible for these exclusive benefits. 

What are the benefits of the Alliance Employment Promise? We believe no other community in the country is offering the kinds of incentives contained in the Alliance Employment Promise. The benefits of the Alliance Employment Promise for employees may include: 

  • Subsidized childcare support (up to $200 a month) at approved childcare facilities
  • Tuition breaks at the University of Mount Union (an award equal to 50% of a traditional, full-time student’s entering-year tuition - excluding room, board, and fees - at Mount Union for employees and their dependents who qualify and enroll at the university)
  • Stark State College (up to a $1,000 grant for short-term training)
  • On-site health care/telemedicine
  • Potential banking benefits at participating financial institutions

 What is the purpose of the Alliance Employment Promise? 

The concept is the result of several months of brainstorming among CEOs and community leaders who have been gathering periodically to try and improve the quality of life in Alliance. The community leaders also believe that attracting and retaining a workforce in Alliance must be a priority. 

How do I sign up for the benefits offered by the Alliance Employment Promise? 

There are many moving parts to The Promise since the benefits range from childcare to tuition credit for families and banking benefits for individuals. As a result, employees whose companies participate in The Alliance Employment Promise should contact the human resource representatives at their respective companies for more detailed information. 

For general questions about the Alliance Employment Promise, send to aadf@allianceadf.com.